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Sub-project B: Outcomes for Gardeners

Subproject B focuses on the quality of life of gardeners and the residents of the entire neighborhood. Different dimensions of quality of life will be measured. Previous research suggests that urban gardens generate value for individual gardeners in the form of recreation, health and meaningfulness. For the general urban population, gardens offer an aesthetic environment and promote social cohesion. 

One objective of the subproject is to find out whether different types of urban gardens affect the quality of life in different ways. Does for example gardening in a family garden plot promote health more than gardening in a private garden? Or do community gardens contribute more to the cohesion in the neighborhood than other forms of gardens?

Furthermore we will investigate how people assess different garden types. Is, for instance, an urban district with many gardens perceived to be more beautiful than one with fewer gardens? Another question is whether differences exist between the general public and urban planners. Finally we will also examine how much knowledge people have about ecological interrelations.  

For this purpose, individual gardeners, urban planning experts on local, cantonal and national levels, and other residents of the three project cities of Zurich, Bern und Lausanne will be interviewed. The interview findings will be examined in more detail using quantitative surveys.


Nicole Bauer, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, nicole.bauer(at)wsl.ch