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Sub-project A: Factors Influencing Gardeners' Behaviour

The sub-Project consists of three tasks:

  • In the first task, we want to find out which management practices (e.g. biologically) different gardeners choose. We look at three types of gardens (private gardens, allotments and alternative forms such as community gardens) in three cities: Zurich, Bern and Lausanne. Furthermore we will identify the history of individual allotment garden plots to make a connection between past and current management concepts and the found soil quality and biodiversity.
  • The second task is to examine the political environment and the existing regulations for green spaces in these cities.
  • The third task is to explore the motivations of gardeners towards their gardens. We want to find out which factors affect the motivations and what role neighboring gardeners, urban policy, regulation of family gardens clubs or different sources of information play.

To get to the research results, we will conduct interviews with gardeners of the different types of gardens, policy makers in the city administration, and other relevant stakeholders. The derived assumptions from the interviews will then be examined and tested in detail with the help of a questionnaire. Moreover we will analyze the existing rules and regulations on urban gardens and green spaces in the three project cities.               


Robert Home, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, robert.home(at)fibl.org


Scientific background information of sub-project A (132.8 KB)